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Seahorse Philippines El Nido

El Nido Seahorse Philippines

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When the sea temperature drops a couple of degrees in January, we always have the chance to spot in El Nido dive sites the seahorses, also known as the estuary seahorse.
Usually they are in Paradise beach, Entalula and Natnat dive sites, between 1 and 14 meters depth. Sometimes under the rocks or corals of the reef, attached with their tail, or also in silt water laying on the sand and letting themselves move graciously as a leaf dancing at the compass of the surge.
El Nido Seahorse Philippines normally are yellow or brown (can be dark or clear), found alone or in pairs but separated from some meters of each other. The size also varies within 4 and 15 centimeters. These fascinating animals eat other invertebrates found in the sand or carried by the currents.
But the most impressing characteristic of the seahorses is the reproduction. The female, after being fertilized, deposit the eggs in the male pouch. The male will protect them and take care of them meanwhile the eggs develop until birth. Then the baby seahorse will be delivered to the ocean. So, in this case Papa takes really care about the babies.
As the seahorse are in different dive sites, all kind of divers can spot them. From the certified ones joining our Daily Trips x 3 Dives, such as the PADI Open Water course doing the confined skills as well as the PADI Discover Scuba Diving. Don’t miss this creature of nature, El Nido Seahorse Philippines, and join us!

El Nido Seahorse Philippines Diver

El Nido Seahorse Philippines Diver – Credit Fisheye Underwater Productions



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