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Philippines Octopus El Nido Palawan

Philippines Octopus

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The Philippines octopus, in this case a cyanea one spotted scuba diving in the dive sites of El Nido, Palawan, is one of the most fascinating underwater animals in the whole planet.
It has an approximately size of 16 cm. and its tentacles can reach 80 cm. length. It lives on the coral reefs, crawling on the rocks and hiding within them from predators, using its amazing camouflage changing color very often and also generating different patterns on its skin from dark brown, red wine to almost completely white.
As if it were a tale of Greek mythology, the male during the mating uses one of its eight arms, which is adapted to deliver sperm directly into the female’s mantle cavity and after he ages fast and dies. Also for the female the destiny doesn’t come across much better… after she deposits fertilized eggs and takes care of them until they hatch, then she also dies.
The Philippines octopus uses a distraction strategy to defend itself from predators. It shoots out ink with a water jet, creating a cloud to confuse the enemy and as if a magician was, the octopus can disappear. So please, never get too close to one of them to expect to release the ink, because it means that you are stressing the poor animal too much.
Come with us in our Fun dive trips during the day or night just to admire this creature in the Philippines. And just as a trick, from a proper distance you just need to move your arm from side to side very slowly and you will see how the octopus changes colors and patterns.

Philippines Octopus El Nido Palawan

Philippines Octopus El Nido Palawan

Pictures credit to Fisheye Underwater Productions, your underwater pictures of El Nido, Palawan 


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