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PADI Courses Overview

Begin your Scuba Course Online with PADI eLearning®

We offer all eLearning PADI courses. Study at home and enjoy your holidays in El Nido, Philippines.

How it works

Take the academic portion of the course online through PADI's interactive programs and then finish your inwater practice in El Nido, Philippines with Aquanaut Dive Center.

Flexible schedule and self-pacing

You can work through the PADI elearning courses at your own pace. Manage your time and plan your courses as you will have access to them for up to one year after purchase.

Easy access

You can learn anywhere you have an internet connection. Save time for your holidays and study from home. Don't lose your time in the paradise.

Progress tracking

Gauge your progress, review your learning history and access your knowledge before and after training.


Forget about bringing cash in El Nido. Just pay the theory portion of the course online and once you arrive in El Nido the inwater practice with credit card or Paypal.

PADI elearning courses

Step by step to your PADI Scuba Diver certification

from beginners to experienced divers. There is a course for everyone.

For beginners

Do you want to breathe underwater for the first time? Would you like to have a certification which allows you to dive all over the world? Are you an adventurous kid? In the next list we offer activities specifically designed to learn scuba dive with PADI:



Just contact us for any question or booking. We will be happy to answer you.

For already certified divers

Congratulations you are already a certified diver but wouldn’t you like to improve your skills?  With PADI continuing education you can achieve many goals such as dive as deep as 40 meters deep to discover new corals, enhance your sense of underwater navigation and even take your first step in the professional field and become a Divemaster.  Look at the courses that we offer you:

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