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How to become a PADI bubblemaker

You love diving so why not to share your passion with your children ? Specially credited for kids, the Bubblemaker is a very safe way to start diving from 8 years old.  Meanwhile you are diving in our day trip the kids will be with the Aquanaut Team, treated with a lot of carefulness and trained with a lot of attention.

During a day the instructor will be close to the kids and will give them all the basis of diving in a clear and easily comprehensible way. After that your little nemos will finish some easy underwater skills and the instructor will bring them for an enjoyable underwater tour and make them encounter the marine life from El Nido … Imagine their enthusiasm when they see their first turtle !

Check other PADI courses you can take with us while we take care of your kids or just contact us and we will be happy to give  you more information.

  • 5,300/ Kid
  • Bubblemaker
    • Duration : 1 Day
    • 2 Dives
    • Minimum level required : none
    • Minimum age : 8 years old
    • Parental Aproval required
  • Contact us !

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