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Potato grouper spotted in Sout Miniloc, El Nido, Philippines

Where’s that fish? The Potato Grouper

  |   AquaLife

Where’s that fish? Could you spotted it in the picture?
Here we start our series of animals in disguised and the art of camouflage, as one of the most fascinating characteristic of mother nature. In this picture we can see a potato grouper, as if a piece of the reef was, spotted in South Miniloc, El Nido, Philippines, by our beloved friend Fabio Dolino (thank you very much for the picture).
Although all of we have had common grouper on our tables, the potato grouper is in the International Union for the Conservation of Nature Red List of Threatened Species (IUCN).
The potato grouper also feeds on small fishes and invertebrates. It stays still, near the bottom (15 meters in this case), but can be found between 5 and 150 meters widespread in the Indo-Asian Pacific. Then it waits for the victim to drawn it into its mouth and swallow it entirely. Bon Appetite!

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