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North Rock Dive Site


North Rock is part of Tagbao Island, also known as Tres Marias, whish is under a conservation coral program so it is totally forbidden to dive or snorkel in its vicinity except in North Rock where divers are allowed. With good air consumption it is possible to dive all around the rock. Spectacular boulders, gorgonias, rock formation and table corals, where longfin batfishes stay still against the current, waiting for the best photographers, make of this dive site one of the highlights of El Nido.

Marine Life

Longfin batfish, trumpet fish, turtle, lionfish, unicornfish, fusiliers, nudibranch, mantis shrimp, octopus, emperor angelfish, scribbled filefish, yellow spotted pufferfish. Seasonal humphead parrotfish and black tip shark can be observed.


7-32 meters.




Intermediate, Skilled

About This Project

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