Aquanaut Dive Center | The Big, the Small and the Secret Lagoon in El Nido
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Big Lagoon, El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

The Big, the Small and the Secret Lagoon in El Nido

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I live in El Nido, Philippines since almost two years and I feel funny ashamed every time one of the divers who comes to dive with us asks me : Hey Monica, which is the best island hopping tour to do ? tour A ? tour B ? or the new tour K ?
Funny or shameful, believe it or not, YES, I couldn’t do any tour as mostly all my days have been wet underwater. So finally a couple of days ago I did do one of the famous island hopping tours in the Bacuit Bay of El Nido. Therefore, today I’m not going to talk about the amazing underwater world but about one of the wonders of this amazing world where we live.

With some friends we rented a private boat, which is the best to avoid the crowd on the islands as you can choose where to go and when to go. The capitan and tour guide, two very funny and kind philippinos, led us with the tinny and cute Bangka (typical Philippino boat) through the astonishing black sharped limestone cliffs. There is nothing that fascinates me the most in El Nido as those rocks, and you know why ? Because they were made millions of years ago with layers and layers of fossils and skeletons of marine life. Can you figure it out ?
We did a kind of tour A, which includes the big lagoon, the small lagoon and the secret lagoon, all of them located in Miniloc Island.
First we went to the big lagoon, which is very nice, but the icing in the cake is the passage to the lagoon which is formed by the contrast of the black majestic limestone cliff and the crystal clear pristine blue water.
Then we docked in the exit of the small lagoon (not so small by the way) and we jumped into the water with the fins and snorkel to go through a rock and find the lagoon. At the end there is a small grotto which can be reached only with apnea and where laughs of lovers, as if in the God’s creation day were, can be caught out.
We ended at the secret lagoon. The Bangka anchored in a very nice white beach full of palms and after walking and crossing a hole (rubber shoes are recommended), you can find yourself in the water surrounded by the imposing limestone rocks, where if you shout your lover’s name, you can listen the echos hitting from one wall to another, as if in a never ending humid and wild rendezvous were.
I still have to naughtily admit that this is the only tour I’ve done to this date. But when I have some dry day off I will go on discovering the fantastic Bacuit Bay, which I consider the jewel of El Nido, Philippines.
And if you do a tour, remember to softly caress with your fingers the limestone rocks, to find the skeleton shapes of the shells and nautilius or the lover’s heart, that one day played naked as Adam and Eve between the stones and lush but lost their passion in the suddenness and savagery of El Nido.

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